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June 2021 - World Environment Day


June 5th is World Envirnonment Day

Together we can live in a better planet. Encourage your chilren to think about ways to raise awareness and take action to protect the environment.

Official site

Clean Energy

What are the ways we can generate clean energy

Why don't you talk to your children about clean alternative energy sources.

What about building a windmill together?

Easy for Children

Plant a Tree

Deforestation is a reality and it will certainly affect our future.

What about talking about that issue with your children. Planting a tree together could be a good starting poing.

Plant a Tree Project


We can help the envriromnent by recycling. And using the right bin is just the beginning.

What about talking to your children about ways to reduce waste and plastic pollution

Tips to Reduce Plastic Use

2021 - Digital Literacy

Fact or Fake?

What about talking to your child about the importance of checking information before sharing it.

Do you know the Be Internet Awesome with Google?


Does your child know the importance of choosing strong passwords.

Why don't you talk about mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters? Some phones suggest strong passwords.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash


How does your child check the realiability of a link or a site? What about talking about Internet safety. Suspicious links and websites should not be accessed.

Ask how he knows a link is suspicious.

Be Kind

How about talk to your child about the importance of being kind and respectful on the internet.

Ask him if he is kind when commenting on his friends' and classmates' posts.

December - Christmas Traditions

Christmas Tree

Do you often put up a Chirstmas tree? When?

What is you favourite Christmas tree decoration?

What about sending us a picture of your Chrismas tree. In Brazil we often put it up on December 1st

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Christmas Cookies

You can find 40 different cookie recipes here.

Do you bake cookies for Christmas. Do your children like them? What is your favourite cookie?

Would you like to share your special recipe with us?

Christmas Gifts

In Brazil Christmas gifts are often exchanged on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day itself, Dec 24ht or Dec 25th. In Spain they exchange them on Epiphany Day - Jan 6th. What about your tradittions? Ask your children how they feel about exchanging gifts.

Christmas Decorations and Messages

What about taking a picture of your city Christmas decoration and sending a Christmas message to our community. We are looking forward to receiving it.

Merry Christmas.

November - SEL (Social Emotinal Learning)

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash


Happiness is a strong emotion that makes all of us fell good.

What about creating a scrap book or a digital porfolio full of happy family moments

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash


Have you already seen Pixar animation Inside Out?

In this film the character Sad is the story hero. What about discussing his role in Riley's life?


What about telling your children a story about courage?

Ask them to tell you about their corageous achievements or their defintion of courage


What about explaining the importance of fear to your children? Encourage them to share their fear with you. They could also make a drawing to express it.

October - Children's Day and Halloween

Have Fun!

We celebrate Children's Day in October. What' s your favorite game?

Clue? Monopoly? Hide and Seek?

Tell us why you like it.

A Day Out

What is the best way to celebrate Children's Day?

A picnic? A fishing trip? Going to a Carnival? Riding a bike?

Tell us a little bit about it.


Do you enjoy "Trick or Treat"? Do you like to dress up for Halloween?

Do you like spooky stories?

Tell us a little bit about your preferences.


GIFs Choose or Create your favorite GIF

What is your favorite Halloween GIF?

Would you like to create your own?

What about sharing it with us?

September - Artificial Intelligence

AI in Health Care

Watch the video above and discuss with your child which are the advantages and disadvantages of using a robot as a nurse during Covid19 pandemic.

AI in your daily lives

Do you know that Google search engine is powered by AI? It makes the results more precise.

What about thinking about other examples of AI in your daily lives?

My Talking Avatar BuddyPoke

Create a voice avatar

Many educators are already using talking avatars to give instructions or set class rules. What about creating your own?

BuddyPoke e

Robots: Good or Bad?

Do you think robots are good or bad? Why?

If you could create a robot to make your life easier, how would it be?

August - Innovation in Literature by Jessica Lassange

Movies based on books

Are you a bookworm or a film buff?

What about chosing a film with your children and reading the book aftewards? Would you change anything in the movie?

Book Club

What about having your children join a summer reading club online?

Could you share your insights with us? Do you know any other online book club?

Donating books

What about organizing a book donation campaign together?

Books can change people's lives.

20 Places to Donate Used Books

Book Writing

What about writing a book with your children?

Do you know Book Creator? Click on the link above and write your own stories.

Covid19 indoor Summer Activities

Indoor Camping

Since coronavirus is keeping most of us at home these days, you can use your imagination and travel without leaving home.

Pitching a tent in the living room or to setting up a campsite in your backyard could be just the thing that is needed to lift your spirits.

Indoor Gardening

If you live in a big city, you might miss going away to the countryside.

What about bringing some nature home? What about creating an indoor garden with your children?

We bet you will have fun.

Scavenger Hunt at home

Unlock a world of adventure without leaving your house. Create your own Scavenger Hunt.

Suggestions: Photo Scavenger Hunt, House Objects Scavenger Hunt, School objects Scavenger Hunt.

Family Play

What about staging a family play with your children?

A play is fun and easy to put on. Choose your favourite story and let you imagination take you to next step.

A family play can create lasting memories .

New Activities - Suggested by Google Innovators #BRZ17 and #BRZ19

Photo by sporlab on Unsplash

Greatest Achievement - by Roberta Aquino #brz17

Ask you children what their greatest achievement was and why they consider it their greatest one.

Let him know about yours. Do they have anything in common?

Desenho Andrea Castagini

Unplug - by Andrea Castagini #brz19

Talk to your child about the importance of umplugged moments. Ask him about what he likes doing offline.

Check Andrea's first year project by clicking on the link Jovens ao Vivo

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Asking a favour by Tiago Bevilaqua #brz17

Helping others can make us feel good but there are also some moments when we need to ask a favour to someone. Ask your child if he remembers the last time he asked a favour to someone. Was it easy? Why? Why not?

Dance by Marcio Goncalves #brz19

What about dancing with your child? Dancing can be a nice way to do some exercise and have fun. You could create some choreography together of participate in a virtual challenge if you like it.

Having Fun at Home


Maker Space

What about building something together?Suggestions: paper airplane marshmallow tower, back to back pictures, a memory wall .


What about assembling a puzzle together?

You could start with an easy one or build a new toy with recycling materials.



Do you have any special family recipe?

What about cooking together? Would you like to share your recipe with us?


Who was your best friend and your favorite toy?

Tell your child about them and ask them the same questions

Books - TV and Movies

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


What about reading a book with your child or telling him a story. Later, talk about the characters or discuss the end of the book. Did you like it. Would you change anything?



What's your favourite TV show?

Ask this question to your child? You could also ask him to draw his favourite character.

Photo by Jeff Pierre on Unsplash


Watching movies toghether is a great opportunity to share ideas. Chose a film to watch together and discuss about empathy, friendship or resilience .

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash


Who is your favorite super hero? Why?

Tell your child who you favorite superhero is and why you like him Ask your child about his.

Games - Competitive and Collaborative

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Make-Believe Games

Put your children's imagination in motion

Playing is a way childrem make sense of the world. What about playing charades, putting on a TV show, dressing-up like a star, creating a miniature world or creating your own business together?

Team Building Games

What about learnig about one another - how each person thinks, works, solve problems and has fun by playing games. Here are some suggestions

Scavenger Hunt, The Mine Field, , ThreeTruths and a Lie, Blind Drawing, Mime Game

Drawing and Painting

What about making your own reproduction of a famous painting?

If you prefer, you could also draw from imagination, create your own masterpiece, cartoon character.

Everybody is good at drawing and we can draw amazing stick figures. watch video

Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash

Amazing Board Games

Playing board games brings laughter and dicreases stress

What is your child's favoritie board game?

What about playing it together?

You could also tell your children about your favorite one.

A Day Out

Favorite Road Trip

Ask your child about his favorite road trip and tell him about yours.

What about asking him to make a drawing about it or a short video.

If they prefer, they can record a podcast.

Favorite Day Out

Let's talk about a memorable day out.

Why was it a special day?

What do you remeber about it? Would you like to repeat the experience? Would you change anything?

Planning an Adventure

What about planning an adventure together?

Research your destination together, discover the best time to go, what to pack, what to do there and when to book your trip.

Favorite Sport

What's your favorite sport?

Do you know your child's favorite sport? Do you usually play any sports together? Do you like watching sports on TV? What about inventing a new sport together like quidditch?

Maths in Real Life


Do you like Maths?

Math is used in everyday activities. When we you buy groceries, whenever we choose whether to buy a big or a small package of a specific product.

When was the last time you used maths? In sports? At the supermarket?

What was the operation you used?

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash


Slice a pizza , and we get fractions

The pizza in the picture was sliced in 8. Therefore, each slice represents 1/8 of the whole. The top number says how many slices we have and the botton number how many equal slices the pizza was cut into.

Ask your child to take a picture of another fraction example (e.g. chocolate bars)


Identifying Geometric Shapes in the real world

A window, a credit card, a stop sign, a bicycle tyre, shapes are all around us.

Ask your child to indenfiy some shapes in the house and take a picture. You can also ask him to build an animal shape using different geometric shapes as in Tangram puzzles

Photo by ZSun Fu on Unsplash


Probability is the branch of mathas that studies the numerical description of how likely an event is to occur. If we toss a coin 100 times, we could expect to get 50 X heads (½). But we could get heads 48 or 55 times. In most cases the number will be close to 50, though. Toss a coin 20 X. How many times did you get heads? Was it close to 10?