Family and kids sharing experiences, learning and spending time together.

The Idea

During the 27 years that I have been working with education as a teacher, a mentor, a coordinator and a director of studies, I've had the opportunity to talk with several parents and guardians and to understand the importance of family engagement to student success. Engaged families motivate creativity, collaboration and learning.

The Site

In 2019 with the collaboration of an incredible group of Google Innovators, cohorts and hosts during the BRZ19 Google Innovator Academy in São Paulo the idea was prototyped.

Our Purpose


Simple activities to promote togetherness, fun and leaning between parents, guardians, family and kids.


To add an extra element of fun to to the activities, participants are entitled to receive virtual badges for sharing their experiences and/or suggesting new ones.

The author

Wife, mother, teacher for 27 years, civil engineer, constant learner, innovation coordinator and Google Innovator. Passionate about education, travel, photography, reading, board games and discovering new learning opportunities.